Explore our case studies for practical, technology-driven solutions in vehicle tracking,  logistics optimization and more. From Mobiot’s real-time precision to Connected Load Carrier’s intelligent resource management. Witness the impact of technology on operational excellence.


Dutch IoT Solutions proudly collaborates with MobioT, offering crucial hardware expertise in IoT tracking sensors to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology. As a key player in hardware innovation, we are dedicated to elevating MobioT’s mission of enhancing asset tracking and security, contributing to their success and marking a dynamic step forward in the IoT landscape.

Our collaboration underscores the synergy achieved when expertise meets innovation. Dutch IoT Solutions takes pride in contributing to MobioT’s success by delivering high-quality hardware solutions.


Dutch IoT Solutions proudly collaborates with Connected Load Carrier. Connected Load Carrier envisions a seamless, efficient, and sustainable logistics future, leveraging technology to transform asset management.

Pioneering tracking technology, the company innovates to meet client needs, anticipating challenges. Real-Time Asset Tracking monitors non-powered assets, while Enhanced Sustainability optimizes for a reduced carbon footprint. Cost-Efficiency, through advanced algorithms, prevents losses and ensures optimal utilization. The dashboard provides Comprehensive Control, enhancing workflow efficiency.