State-Of-The-Art IoT Technology

Additional Feature and Benefits

Compact Size

Products are made compact in size, making them easy to install and integrate into various business processes.

Movement Detection

This allowes for efficient tracking and monitoring of assets.

Over-the-Air Updates

Easy and convenient configuration changes by using the over-th-air update support.

Improved Battery Life

One of the standout features of our IoT devices is the improved battery life. Thanks to LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT connectivity, our devies boast a battey life of up to over 10 years. This longevity ensures consistent performance and reduces the need for device replacements, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Highly Accurate Positioning

Our Iot devices integrate GPS and QZSS to provide highly accurate positioning. Wheter you are tracking assets or monitoring fleet movements, our devices deliver precise location data to help you make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

Advanced Connectivity

We understand the importance of reliable and efficient data transmission in today’s digital era. That’s why our IoT devices offer advanced connectivity options, including LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT. These technologies ensure your devices stay connected, delivering real-time data when and where you need it.


Our IoT devices are designed to withstand challenging environments. The water-resistance feature makes our products suitable for use in various settings, including those exposed to moisture or water. This durability ensures reliable performance, regardless of the conditions.

Compact Size

Our IoT devices are compact in size, making them easy to install and integrate into various business processes. Despite their size, these devices pack a punch when it comes to functionality, offering efficient tracking and monitoring of assets.

Over-the-Air Update

Keeping your IoT devices updated has never been easier. Our devices support over-the-air updates, allowing for easy and convenient configuration changes. This feature ensures your devices are always running the latest software, enhancing their performance and security.

Unique Movement Detection Algorithm

Our IoT devices are equipped with a unique movement detection algorithm. This advanced feature allows for precise tracking of any changes in position, providing real-time updates for improved decision-making and resource management. Stay ahead with our accurate and efficient movement detection.